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PDA Forum is THE place to go for pda news, discussion, review and links for all types of pda.

Why This Site?
Over the years I have owned several PDAs, starting with a Casio personal organiser, now today I own an iPAQ, Palm and Psion 5.  There are several sites devoted to each, but few that concentrate on all. I feel that it's important for new buyers to know what to choose, and who better to run a site than this than a person that owns all three major platforms?

To ensure that this site is kept as open as possible, I encourage you all to take an active part in the forum. I have created several categories, if there is one that you would like to see or think I've missed something out, let me know and I'll look into incorporating it in a future release. I am planning to use the following framework for this site, again please let me know if there's something you want to see.

If you have any news on any PDA, even if you think I may already know it, if I've not yet put it on the site please email it to me. It's possible I've missed it. This site can only be a useful resource if we all pull together.

  Recent updates: iPAQ Sales hit 2 million

A place to discuss many issues relating to each pda. I encourage you to take an active part in this board, as it can only survive with your help.

If you've just bought something, or have had a chance to try something out, you may like to write a review. Also, if you are a manufacturer or other supplier, please contact me if you would like a fair and honest review of your product.

Let me know what software you use and what you like. I would like to keep a database of what's out there on this page, and some kind of voting / review system. This way users will know what's worth downloading.

I would be running a simple board on this page where users can post adverts for items to sell. If you are a webmaster and can suggest any suitable software for this task, please let me know here.

Please feel free to follow any of the advertisers links on any page. It is these adverts alone that pay for this site to be hosted.

If you are an IT Contractor, please also visit our sister site ContractorDB

This document last updated 6th June 2002 at 22:00